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Why Should You Use an Agent to Enrol for University/College?

It is in our nature to be curious and wonder why we need to do certain things. Starting studying is a big step and it is one of the first phase towards starting a career. Thus, receiving guidance and as much information as possible is always a great benefit to the future students.

Our services are free of charge…

Our services are free of charge and we are committed to offer the best services to our clients. We keep a close relationship with our partners to ensure we are always putting our students forward and satisfy the requirements both of the students and the institutions we are working with.

We have been focusing on the journey the student takes from the moment of submitting the application, all the way to the registration and graduation. We can offer advice on courses and eventual qualifications as well as studying the course prospect together to find the best fit between the students’ skills and the most suitable course.

Finance – we got it covered!

We offer advice and can help you complete all the necessary steps to obtain funding both to pay your tuition fee and apply for maintenance loan (eligibility criteria’s apply). 
More information about finance here!

There’s more!

We also offer advice on how to maximise your chances of getting started in your professional career with useful advice tailored to the resources of the chosen institution.

In a nutshell

As our services and the services of most agents do not involve any fees for students (most of the time), it is a straight-forward process in which we make sure you have a smooth transition to your new institution and stay informed at all times. Plus, we made sure to get through the coursebooks and different quirks of the institutions we are working with so you are aware of everything you need to know before making the big step!

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