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Welcome to LG Smart Solutions!

We facilitate the enrolment and registration process for universities and colleges across London, Luton, Hatfield, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Aylesbury.

We can help you with a variety of courses, with the completion of the application for university/college, the application for Student Finance (funding), as well as guidance in regards to all the related process of becoming a student in the United Kingdom. You can get up to £15,000 for maintenance (known as Maintenance Loan), these being money that have to be returned after the completion of the course only in the event of having an annual wage surpassing the threshold of £25,000/year. All of our services are free. Please access our page for more information.

*Applications are subject to eligibility based on different requirments that help categorise the type of the application for financial help while studying, other than the financial help with university fees (known as Tuition Fees)

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