Funding & Student Finance England

In order to start studying in the United Kingdom, you will need to pay the tuition fee (starting from £6,165). The fee can be paid by the student or the student can apply for a loan from Student Finance England to cover the tuition fees (university costs).

UK citizens and EU citizens (only those who hold PRE-settled or SETTLED status) are fully eligible to apply for a tuition fee loan via Student Finance England*.

EU and UK students can also be eligible to apply for a  Maintenance Loanto cover the living costs during the period of studies, considering they are meeting the required criteria.
You can receive up to £13,000 as a Maintenance Loan and up to £3,800 in grants (further eligibility criteria apply). The amount varies by personal circumstances.

*The TUITION FEE LOAN & MAINTENANCE LOAN are money that have to be repaid once the student has graduated and earns more than £25,200/annum (for the courses that start in the academic year 2023/24).
Currently, there is a 9% tax on the income that goes beyond the set threshold, money that will become taxable only after graduation or after the student has decided to end their course.

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